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ConnLUG Knights Show Off Castles at April Meeting

Seventeen ConnLUG members joined us for the April Monthly Meeting, hosted by Keller Williams Realty-Manter Realty Group in Glastobury, CT. Amid the clouded skies and rain drops, a bit of sun shone through onto the awesome MOCs that our members brought to display for the Monthly Build Challenge. One of two build challenges at the April meeting, the Monthly Build Challenge for this month required builders to produce a castle themed build of any style. They did not disappoint!

ConnLUG members stand behind their MOCs for the April Monthly Build Challenge.

You can see all of the MOCs for the Monthly Build Challenge in greater detail as well as additional pictures from the meeting on our April Photos page.

One of our favorite meeting events is the Monthly Set Review. This month, one of our TFOL members, Dan, volunteered to review Welcome to Apocalypseburg! for our group. What an awesome job he did! Dan spoke about the finer points of the set, including play features, build complexity, and all of the nooks and crannies hiding our favorite LEGO Movie 2 characters. You can see his full set review on our official YouTube channel. Great job Dan!

Dan “TacoBricks” Zimmerman talks about his Welcome to Apocalypseburg! set.

Our regular meeting activities of announcements, event recaps, and the always popular monthly set draft, wrapped up with the a new event, the LUG Build Challenge, for the second time. Always an enjoyable surprise for all meeting attendees, the LUG Build Challenge is about epitomizing the essence of what it means to be in ConnLUG. Each participant was provided with one Classic Knights Minifigure set, in sealed boxes. This set is one of a trio of sets released in 2016, one Space, one Pirate, and one Castle themed, which include a nice post card/sticker sheet with some awesome classic throwback minifigures.

LEGO 5004419 Classic Knights Minifigure set – Surprise LUG Build Challenge for April

The challenge, was for the members to build the set without the instructions, after being shown the completed version for only 10 seconds! Everyone set to building right away, but it was only ConnLUG member Steve Doerner who finished first with the model correctly built in under five minutes. Everyone was nicely surprised to find that at the end of the challenge, they all got to keep their sets. Cheers to Steve for his quick building skills and photographic memory!

As always, our monthly meetings are great gatherings of some very talented builders. We value and appreciate the opportunities to showcase our skills, trade knowledge and building techniques, and share in the enjoyment of our LEGO creativity. We invite you to join us for a meeting to see for yourself why ConnLUG is the place to be for AFOLs and TFOLs.

Happy Building!

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