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Community Connections: Samuel F.

One of the best things about being part of the AFOL community is the opportunity to connect with other LEGO enthusiasts over a mutual love of building. Such was the case this past week when I met Samuel at the Westfarms LEGO Brand Retail Store!

Samuel and I began chatting when he overheard me talking with the employees there about my recent trip to LEGO House. From what I understand, he will be visiting soon and wanted to know what to expect. We ended up chatting for almost an hour about my trip to Denmark and his recent trip to Brickfest Philly.

Samuel has an Instagram account (@Minifigs_mocs_and_beyond) where you can follow his adventures and find instructions on how to build his sigfig. I promptly built one to add to my own city. I gave him a ConnLUG minifig and brick to add to his collection as a thank you from one AFOL to another.

It’s chance meetups like this – beyond the dynamics of running a club, organizing events, or even just playing with the bricks – that exemplify what it truly means to be part of the AFOL community. So from all of us at ConnLUG, we wish Samuel the very best, and happy building!

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