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Gathered Around The Hinkle Hammer

– We are all worthy for the ConnLUG May Meeting

Over 30 ConnLUG members and guests met yesterday at the home of a legendary LEGO community AFOL, Mr. Kevin Hinkle, who generously invited ConnLUG to hold our May Meeting there. Knowing that there was much fun to be had, ConnLUG Officers flew through club business, including the confirmation of nominees for our June 2019 Board of Directors election, the upcoming Middlebury Library “Once Upon A Brick” Community Build Contest next Thursday, and the much anticipated collaboration between ConnLUG and NELUG for BrickFair Virgina 2019. We also discussed some opportunities for ConnLUG members to participate in LUG sponsored public events throughout June.

Our first event of the day, the set draft of Underwater Robot 31090, saw 18 members draft the set! One by one, ConnLUG members took turns selecting the parts that they wanted from the set, and with so many participants, each was guaranteed to come home with some awesome parts for their collection.

After the set draft, we moved to the basement for our next event, the Set Review by ConnLUG member Shane Press where he talked about this classic Lord of the Rings set: Pirate Ship Ambush 79008. Shane gave a great review of the set, describing its features, playability, and some hidden secrets of the Peter Jackson type! Hats off to Shane for his excellent set Review.

ConnLUG member Shane Press reviews Pirate Ship Ambush and talks about LOTR.

Our final event of the meeting was one of the best. The May Meeting was the debut of our newest ConnLUG event, the MOC and Tell. Just like show and tell during our childhood school days, MOC and Tell gave several ConnLUG members the opportunity to bring in their own creations to show off to the other members. This could be anything, from a MOC they created recently to a sealed set they have been holding on to for decades. Our members did not disappoint! You can see some of the amazing MOC and Tell participants and their builds below, and check out the full May Meeting gallery here: May 2019 Meeting.

As another great ConnLUG meeting drew to a close, the members of ConnLUG thanked their gracious host Mr. Kevin Hinkle, who as usual, was busy being Kevin!

As always, our monthly meetings are amazing gatherings of some very talented builders. We value and appreciate the opportunities to showcase our skills, trade knowledge and building techniques, and share in the enjoyment of our LEGO creativity. We invite you to join us for a meeting to see for yourself why ConnLUG is the place to be for AFOLs and TFOLs.

Happy Building!

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