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Grillin’ and Chillin’

The ConnLUG Summer Cookout

As is tradition, ConnLUG Ambassador Stephen Struble opened up his home and his grill on June 15th for our June monthly meeting and cookout. In total, 23 members of ConnLUG, including a brand new member, joined us for this excellent and relaxing time with our LUG friends. We also had a special visitor at the June meeting, Alyssa Harrington, from the Community Team at LEGO corporate in Enfield. We could not have asked for a better day, with perfect weather and the generously shaded patio of our awesome hosts Steve and Liz.

In addition to the copious amounts of food and fun, the June meeting was also a celebration for one of our best builders and TFOL members, Dan Zimmerman. Dan’s high school graduation was within days of the June meeting, so we decided to surprise him with a ConnLUG and LEGO celebration. Alyssa presented Dan with a gift from the community team and ConnLUG presented him with a little something to help increase his LEGO collection. We are proud of Dan, not only for his excellent MOC’s and his consistent contributions to ConnLUG, but also for the awesome person that he has grown up to be.

Our Ambassador Stephen displayed and discussed the one of a kind sets that he brought home from his trip to Billund, Denmark and the LEGO House. These included the model of The Tree of Creativity which occupies a central portion of the LEGO House, the LEGO House Dinosaurs, which hatched while Stephen was there, and the LEGO House Architecture sets, both production and special edition prototype. His review discussed the fun aspects of building these iconic sets.

MOC and Tell was a hit once more, as our creative members presented their unique builds. This included builder Michael Cribben’s “Empire Strikes Beach” scene and builder Keith Rancourt’s LEGO Architecture scale Notre Dame Cathedral. The MOC is strong with these ones.

ConnLUG members thoroughly enjoyed touring Stephen and Liz’s LEGO City, which occupies the majority of their basement. While they gave tours for the LUG visitors, they spoke about their favorite narratives within the city, each with their own stories.

You can check out all of the pics from our June Monthly Meeting on our Photos page here: June 2019 Meeting

As always, our monthly meetings are amazing gatherings of some very talented builders. We value and appreciate the opportunities to showcase our skills, trade knowledge and building techniques, and share in the enjoyment of our LEGO creativity. We invite you to join us for a meeting to see for yourself why ConnLUG is the place to be for AFOLs and TFOLs.

Happy Building!

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