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Battle Beam Build and Bash!

– A Special ConnLUG August 2019 Meeting Event

We provide opportunities for children ages 4-12 to explore problem solving activities using a hands-on approach to their learning and higher order thinking. We have four programs using LEGO® as the tool for experiential learning and reinforcing S.T.E.A.M. concepts.

Members of ConnLUG joined Corey Schmidek of E.Y.E.S. for a special Monthly Meeting build challenge event – The Battle Beam Build and Bash. Everyone was excited to participate in this unique event and we were thrilled to have Corey join us for this exhibition of LEGO robotics, creativity, and of course battle bots! Veteran members of ConnLUG, new members, and even some guests participated in this mechanized MOC experience.

ConnLUG and E.Y.E.S join forces for the Battle Beam Build and Bash event during the special August 2019 meeting.

The event consisted of teams of ConnLUG members using LEGO Technic components and System brick to craft bots that could safely traverse a long rail towards a head-long collision with their opponent. The victor was the bot wrangler who managed to knock their opponent’s post off the back of the beam. Extra points were awarded for passing the center mark first, damaging your opponent’s bot, or driving them off of the back of the beam with their marker post.

The Battle Beam of Destiny

The design and build phase was an opportunity to see ConnLUG members design and create their battle bots, some of whom had never worked with Technic before. Corey uses these same programs and events to teach problem solving concepts to youths in our community.

Designing and building battle bots – all in a day’s work.
Battle Bot designers hard at work.
ConnLUG President Cam Panczak inspects the design by Adrian and new member Nick.

The fun really began to heat up when the bots took to the battle field. Teams pitted their designs against one another to see who was the strongest and most resilient.

Paras and Nick duke it out on the beam.
Paras and Shane… wreck on the beam.
Huntersaurus Rex moves in to take down Shane while Corey looks on.
Nick and Hunter face off in the Battle Beam Final!

In the end, it was Hunter who reigned supreme over the opponents. His unique design of inverted brick separators prevailed in lifting all of the other bots off of the track, and his bot won the day. It was glorious battle bot carnage.

Check out these awesome pics and more on our photos page for this event.

ConnLUG greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with Corey and the team from E.Y.E.S for this special event. We had so much fun designing, building, and battling in this creative platform. LEGO continues to bring us together in ways that we can only imagine. We hope that you will join us for our next awesome event!

Happy Building!

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