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More than just monthly AFOL meetings

Recent fun events at ConnLUG and the path forward

Have you heard?

ConnLUG is doing more than just monthly meetings now. While it is great to get together with awesome like-minded AFOLs and TFOLs for set drafts, build challenges, and set reviews, and we definitely enjoy our monthly meet ups and the fun that they bring, we felt that we could do more as a LUG.

In addition to our monthly meetings, ConnLUG is now hosting regular sorting parties, group build events, and special events for our members to participate in. As always, all ConnLUG-hosted events are inclusive and fun, and we strive to make sure that they are free for members and guests as well.

So what are we doing?

Sorting parties are opportunities to help your fellow ConnLUG members sort their brick. It is also an opportunity for you to bring brick for sorting if you need to. Everyone is happy to help with this important aspect of LEGO collection management, and our sorting parties contribute to our teamwork and camaraderie as LUG members. For some members, sorting parts is the least enjoyable aspect of being an AFOL or TFOL. We have found that sorting together not only makes the experience fun, but it makes it fly by too!

Like sorting parties, the Build the LUG events are now a regular occurrence. Build the LUG is designed to help us get together to build as a LUG. This is a critical aspect of our membership in ConnLUG and helps to promote the creative spirit in all of us. Using ConnLUG assets and brick, we design and create all manner of buildings, vehicles, creatures, terrain, and other MOCs to name a few. In many cases, individual members of ConnLUG are great builders who wish to contribute to ConnLUG builds, shows, and events, but do not have access to large quantities of LEGO parts. With Build the LUG, they don’t have to. Now, all members can participate in as much building as they wish without worrying about having the right parts. As Build the LUG grows, so will the supply of ConnLUG assets grow to support it, and the MOCs and creations of the ConnLUG members will grow with it.

Check our calendar on the events page for the most up-to-date list of past and upcoming events. Stay tuned for more awesome events and opportunities to build with ConnLUG. ConnLUG is growing together. We hope that you will grow with us!

Happy Building!

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