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Keep Calm, Wash Your Hands

At ConnLUG, the safety of our members, families, and guests is of the utmost importance and priority. We always seek to provide our members with a safe and enjoyable experience when attending our monthly meetings and other gatherings. As more and more cases of the novel Coronavirus are being reported in the US each day, we need to consider what is in the best interest of all ConnLUG members during this difficult time for us and for people the world over.

Below, you will find a link to information about the Coronavirus, preventing the spread of this disease, preparedness, and how best to handle the situation if you or someone you know becomes infected. This information is supplied directly from and by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is being shared to assist you in staying informed during this outbreak.

ConnLUG members should plan for the following until further notice:

1. All in-person monthly meetings are cancelled for March and April 2020.
2. ConnLUG members will have the ability to join remote monthly meetings via Microsoft Teams as a replacement for our in-person meetings.
3. Gatherings of more than 5 members is prohibited until April 30, 2020.
4. All members are encouraged to stay up to date on recent developments with this disease via local community health agencies and the CDC.

Common Sense Advice for all ConnLUG members:

1. Wash Your Hands
2. Try not to touch your face
3. If you come in contact with someone who is infected, you should quarantine yourself for a minimum of two weeks.
4. Postpone or cancel any unnecessary travel
5. Avoid large crowds or confined spaces with many people
6. Remain calm

image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Information provided herein is supplied and updated directly by the CDC. ConnLUG does not make nor represent any specific recommendations on the status, prevention, or treatment of the novel Coronavirus disease.

Be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself.
Happy Building, Play Well!

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