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LEGO Minds Gather in Teams

On April 18, 2020, ConnLUG members gathered in Microsoft Teams for our monthly meeting while quarantine continues.

We discussed how everyone is doing, keeping in contact with each other despite the long term separation. We introduced a new LUG Buddy system for new members joining the LUG during a time when getting to know each other and learning about the LEGO user group is particularly challenging.

Votes for ideas and interests were tallied for our Quarterly Build Challenge and the next two build challenges have been selected by popular demand. The June build challenge will center around a well known book and movie idea, in which we will create our own haphazardly stacked modular version of The Stacks from Ready Player One. (More details on the challenge will follow and can be found on our QBC page.)

Set Reviews continued through the live stream meeting with a throwback review from Brian Bizon of the LEGO® 8107 Fight for the Golden Tower from Exo-Force.


ConnLUG member Oscar Guerra shared his awesome new vehicle build of the bus from the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Click here to show support for the build on the LEGO Ideas site and get a closer look at his cool creation!

Weekly Build Challenges & MOC & Tell

The ConnLUG continues to step up to the challenge of building and maintaining our AFOL and TFOL community in an otherwise isolated world. This monthly meeting incorporated the now weekly MOC (my own creation) challenges with our monthly MOC-and-Tell segment. Builders shared their LEGO Furniture MOCs along with some Spaceships from the previous week’s challenge.

Tuesday Tutorials

Social distancing challenges bring new opportunities to learn building techniques. Before all this began, ConnLUG members were looking for ways to digitize learning new techniques and inspirational tutorials to build. As our mandated isolation continues ConnLUG President, Cam Panczak, spearheads a live tutorial series, which can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Together, members are finding outlets for their creativity and fun, recreational time by spending it with each other online as we each face quarantine conditions of our world. Our goal as a LUG is to be there for each other, not just in our love for building, but as friends and family who look out for, support, and care for one another. During these trying times, or any time thereafter, if you love LEGO and would like to connect with a community of people like you, please reach out to us. We can be found most often on our private Discord server, but you can also follow us on Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram.

Be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself.
Happy Building, Play Well!

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