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May the Fourth Be with You

Tayo’s Empire Ready to Storm the Castles, May 2020

Doing our best to survive the 2020 pandemic, ConnLUG members new and old continued building remotely and sharing their passion for LEGO with each other online during the month of May. Despite practicing social distancing, we have new members continuing to pour in and connect with us on our Discord Server. We welcome LEGO enthusiasts to join us as we find new ways to enjoy our LEGO community online.

Mini Build Challenges

During a time when funds and new LEGO supplies are scarce, ConnLUG challenged our members to build using only what they have on hand in the form of micro builds, vignettes, and the free 2.0 program from With different weekly themes ranging from castles to space to pirates, we are always looking for ways to spark our imaginations.

Set Reviews

LEGO Movie 2 Rexcelsior – Set Review by Brian during May 2020 Meeting

At the regular monthly meeting (the 3rd Saturday of every month), Brian’s set reviews march on. All ConnLUG members are encouraged to participate in set reviews to talk about their favorite sets, fun builds, or unique throwbacks from our LEGO history.

Moving Forward

Since the beginning of the virus’ US outbreak, ConnLUG has taken a proactive approach to keeping our members safe by switching to remote meetings even before any states issued shut down orders. As states begin allowing more public events and larger gatherings of people, ConnLUG will continue to focus on the safety and well being of our members.

Our June 2020 Monthly Meeting, scheduled for June 20th, is slotted for a remote meeting through Microsoft Teams. Weekly MOC & Tell video meetings based on our build challenges are still meeting every Saturday from 1 pm to 2 pm in Teams. Creativity and enthusiasm for building keep us going, as we look for balance, comfort, and peace in the socially distanced world in which we find ourselves. Our wish for ConnLUG members, LEGO enthusiasts, and ALL people throughout the world is good health, understanding, and the love that we so desperately need for one another.

Cam’s Wyrm from Creatures Tutorial.

Be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself.
Happy Building, Play Well!

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