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Summer in ConnLUG

Most summers in ConnLUG are full of picnics, pool parties, and LEGO everywhere! This summer was a little different…

MOC by Ivan Santana

With the COVID-19 pandemic safety issues continuing throughout the summer in 2020, ConnLUG took precautions to keep it’s members safe, while also providing the opportunity for some semblance of normalcy.

Summer BBQ & Pool Party

MOC by Cam Panczak

This year, ConnLUG combined their annual BBQ and Pool Party into a single outdoor only event, coupled with PPE, hand washing, social distancing and keeping LEGO to photos & videos online to prevent the spreading of germs.

Monthly Events

Regular meeting activities continue online in Teams with two regular events monthly. The online monthly meeting, which includes Set Reviews and upcoming display planning, continue every third Saturday. The new MOC and Tell online meet up turned into a regular monthly event of its own, with optional build challenges, after it gained popularity with members back in Springtime when self quarantining measures became necessary.

LUG Giving

ConnLUG and Fairy Bricks worked together this year to bring brick to the CCMC Children’s Hospital here in Connecticut. Thankfully, most of the leg work had been done early on in the year and at the end of June, we were able to delivery several boxes bursting full of a variety of LEGO sets to kids in need of some cheering up.

Left: ConnLUG Member, Chris Antoszek and Ambassador, Valerie Nyhagen, delivering LUG Giving donations to CCMC Children’s Hospital Representative

As we march forward as a group in 2020, keeping each other safe while also reaching out to each other during isolating times, we remember that we’re all in this together.

Be Inspired

If you’re looking for some LEGO inspiration and a group that works together to bring the wonder of LEGO creations to life, you can contact us here.

Happy Building, Play Well!

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