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Restoring Our LEGO World

LEGO 21332 The Globe

Gathering Together for Fun

With the February Monthly Meeting in the books, ConnLUG members took the opportunity to reconnect in person and online via our hybrid meetings. This was one of the few times since the beginning of the global pandemic that we were able to engage with one another for an in-person gathering. Many familiar faces, and some new faces as well, joined in sharing our love of LEGO with MOCs, MODs, and excellent builds.

Thoughts on the World

ConnLUG member Brian B provided our in-person and online participants with another great set review, illustrating the new LEGO 21332 The Globe set. Brian talked about the design, build process, and elements used to make this new set. Of particular note are the latest addition to the LEGO plate arsenal, the 1 x 5 plate, of which the set contains 32 pieces in black. As is always the case, any ConnLUG member may review a set, new or old, during the monthly meetings, and we welcome members to participate.

ConnLUG member Brian B provides a set review of The Globe

Things We’ve Missed

As we return to in-person meetings, ConnLUG members are expressing their happiness over being able to participate in some of our monthly events that had to be postponed or changed due to being remote. One such event is the set draft, which has resumed as of January 2022. For new members, the draft may seem like an odd occurrence, but they quickly realize the value in participating and the fun that our members have with the event. Drafting sets is an excellent way to get good quantities of some great elements, and of course we trade with one another when a needed part escapes our picks.

Sorting cups adorn the counter in preparation for the monthly set draft.

Other meeting events we are glad to have back include our monthly minifig swap and our Quarterly Build Challenge, aka the QBC. Each month, ConnLUG members bring their collections of minifigures to the meetings for trade with one another. These could be any figs from their collections, from classic Town figs to the latest Collectable Minifigure series. For the QBC, members are given a challenge on a three-month cycle. The challenge changes each time to give all members the opportunity to participate in events that interest them. It’s a great way to work on collaborative builds and participate in challenges to earn LUG support. To learn more about our QBC, check out the dedicated page here: ConnLUG QBC – Q1 2022

Looking Ahead

We feel that 2022 is going to be a year of revitalization for ConnLUG and its members. We are emerging from 2+ years of disruption to our way of life and the hobby we hold so dear. With many great events, opportunities, and gatherings ahead, we look forward to sharing our creativity with our members and the AFOL/TFOL communities. If you are already part of this great group, we are glad to have you, and if you are thinking of joining, know that you will not find a better group of LEGO-loving folks!

Be Kind to Each Other,

Be Kind to Yourself,

Happy Building, Play Well!

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