August 2020 QBC

The Stacks – Modular Building!

Continuing with our collaborative builds, the next quarterly build challenge is to design a trailer meant to be stacked together like The Stacks in the movie/book Ready Player One. When we can gather together again, we’ll combine them in the same haphazard design featured in the film either using Technic and/or brick built scaffolding wherever necessary.

Ready Player One Reference

Free Form!

Unlike the 8-wide modular challenge, your Trailer/Container Apartment can be any dimensions you desire and have brick for–including micro scale! Smaller trailers will be positioned up higher in The Stacks when we finally assemble them together for event displays.

This build challenge is due by the August Monthly Meeting and can be submitted via the google form emailed to all members. You can submit up to 15 pictures per submission. And if you’re on a roll, you can submit multiple builds!

Happy Building, Play Well!