December 2020 QBC

This quarter’s build challenge comes in preparation for the coming winter season. While we won’t be able to do our usual Festival of Trees & Traditions with the Wadsworth, we still have the opportunity to create our own corners of holiday villages and components that bring warmth to our hearts each year.

Gingerbread Village

The final Quarterly Build Challenge for 2020 is to build something you’d find in a Gingerbread Village!

From gingerbread houses or vignettes to individual items, let your imagination glide into the sweet world of a gingerbread town. Build gingerbread people, candy cane lamp posts, or a little path covered with icing lined with gumdrop bushes.

Anything you’d put inside a LEGO Gingerbread Village!

This build challenge is due by the December 2020 Monthly Meeting and can be submitted via the google form which will be emailed to all members. You can submit up to 10 pictures per submission. And if you’re on a roll, you can submit multiple builds! (Breaking up the components if need be into separate submissions if needed is welcome.)

Happy Building, Play Well!