About ConnLUG

Who We Are

ConnLUG is made up of over 50 AFOL ( Adult fan of LEGO® ) and TFOL ( Teen fan of LEGO ) members from all over Connecticut and New England. We are spread across a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and professions, but we all share the same love of LEGO. Some of our members have been building for over 30 years and some have just come back to LEGO after many years away. Some are beginning to build with LEGO for the very first time. We are also the only LUG in the area that allows teen members, ( 13-17 years old ), to join in the fun. We are the hometown LUG for many current and former LEGO employees, who wish to cultivate their own creativity through building with LEGO. Our diversity is our strength and it contributes to the wealth of knowledge and experience that we share among our members. We welcome all LEGO enthusiasts, from all backgrounds, to join our organization and to enjoy our people, events, and benefits.

What We Do

ConnLUG holds monthly meetings on the third Saturday of every month from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.  For our official monthly meetings, we hold themed build challenges, we draft set pieces, we have members discuss set reviews, we MOC-and-Tell, and we plan and discuss events where we travel around Connecticut from venue to venue.  Our monthly meetings are opportunities for members and guests to express their creativity through building.  We welcome all LEGO enthusiasts age 13 and over from all over New England and beyond.

We regularly meet at various times throughout the month for sorting parties, public and private build events, and just to get together with other members to discuss techniques, build sets, and create MOCs ( My Own Creations ). Our public shows and events are always a hit, and we love working with the community to display our LEGO creativity. We give back to our community by working with S.T.E.M. and children’s programs, participating in public displays, and by interacting with all AFOLs and TFOLs across Connecticut.

Check out our upcoming events here: https://connlug.org/events

Mission and Vision

ConnLUG is dedicated to furthering the appreciation and enjoyment of building with LEGO® brand products within our communities. We support and strive to inspire others to bring their ideas to life in the form of LEGO building systems. We encourage all LEGO enthusiasts from all building styles and backgrounds to join us in the endeavor of cultivating imagination and creativity through building with LEGO.

The ConnLUG Board of Directors

Cam Panczak, ConnLUG President

ConnLUG President
Cam Panczak
Vice President
Nick Campbell
Bill Simon
Community Ambassador
Randy Allison

ConnLUG Bylaws

The ConnLUG Bylaws can be found on this page: Official ConnLUG Bylaws

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