Quarterly Build Challenge Q1 2022

8-Stud Wide Modular Buildings!

Let’s think of this as less of a build challenge and more of a collaboration build. If everyone participates, we can make a really unique street of 8-wide modular buildings in varying styles! Feel free to go nuts – the theme doesn’t matter here! Build what you like – as tall as you want. Only stipulation: it has to be a straight building (not a corner) that is 8 studs wide and 32 studs deep. Sidewalks are helpful, so a 5-stud deep sidewalk is recommended.
Your completed build is due at the March Monthly Meeting on March 19, 2022.

Some information to get you started:

Beginner’s Guide to Modular Housing
Build your own modular
Tiny LEGO Modular Building

Get Inspired!

See More Pics of the March 2022 QBC Here

Happy Building, Play Well!