Quarterly Build Challenge Q2 2022

Stackable Minifigure Vignettes!

Like the 8-stud-wide build challenge in March, let’s think of this as a fun collaboration build.
Your completed builds are due at the June Monthly Meeting on June 18, 2022.

Some information to get you started:

“Minifigure Habitats” are small vignettes that feature a Minifigure and an environment for them to “live in”. You can use your creativity and make micro builds, like cities or vehicles to place inside them also, if that’s what you enjoy building. It is a great way to try different themes or styles of builds and experiment without using a lot of bricks.

Essentially it is an 8×8 open cube. It has an 8×8 plate as its base and is 8 bricks + 1 plate high. The walls can be made with any configuration of bricks, windows, arches, etc. The builds are small and compact and designed to easily stack together and form a pyramid shape, making an impressive display.

Please make sure your builds follow the form factor in the images below and make as many as you like!

Get Inspired!

Check Out the Finished Builds!

Happy Building, Play Well!