Quarterly Build Challenge Q3 2022

8-Stud-Wide Mosaics!

Like our two previous 8-stud-wide build challenges, let’s think of this as a fun collaboration build.
Your completed builds are due at the September Monthly Meeting on September 17, 2022.

Some information to get you started:

“8-stud-wide mosaics” are two dimensional and three dimensional builds over a plate that is 8 studs by 8 studs. These can be made using combinations of plates, tiles, and bricks, and can represent depth by building them up, or they can be completely flat. These mosaics can ‘paint a picture’ individually or can be combined with mosaics that others have built to make a larger image. Be creative, make lots of them, and have fun!

Get Inspired!

A 3-D mosaic of an autumn tree in 8-stud-wide

Happy Building, Play Well!