• Wadsworth Atheneum

    ConnLUG and the Wadsworth Atheneum are thrilled to bring LEGO and the holiday spirit to Hartford for another amazing year of The Festival of Trees and Traditions. We will be exhibiting a holiday themed display, individual and group MOCs and sets, and the annual favorite, the life-size DUPLO® Tree, donated to the Wadsworth Atheneum by LEGO in Billund, Denmark. Come join us to support ConnLUG and the arts at this warm and welcoming fun festival. Play brick will be provided for guests and patrons to enjoy.

  • BrickFair New Jersey 2019

    BrickFair is one of the most impressive and by far largest gatherings of AFOLs, TFOLs, and KFOLs in the United States. Founded by fellow AFOL and builder Todd Webb, BrickFair hosts annual events all along the Eastern seaboard throughout the year. While BrickFair Virginia is certainly the largest of the events, BrickFair New Jersey is no less a fun time for exhibitors and fans alike. ConnLUG will be in attendance at BrickFair New Jersey 2019 with an exhibitor display Nov 1st-3rd, featuring MOCs from many of our members. As the venue and event are within a 2 1/2 hour drive from Hartford, this is an ideal event for ConnLUG members…

  • More than just monthly AFOL meetings

    ConnLUG is doing more than just monthly meetings now. While it is great to get together with awesome like-minded AFOLs and TFOLs for set drafts, build challenges, and set reviews, and we definitely enjoy our monthly meet ups and the fun that they bring, we felt that we could do more as a LUG.

  • Battle Beam Build and Bash!

    Members of ConnLUG joined Corey Schmidek of E.Y.E.S. for a special Monthly Meeting build challenge event - The Battle Beam Build and Bash. Everyone was excited to participate in this unique event and we were thrilled to have Corey join us for this exhibition of LEGO robotics, creativity, and of course battle bots! Veteran members of ConnLUG, new members, and even some guests participated in this mechanized MOC experience.